A New Perspective on Custom Cycling Kits

When it comes to kit design, there are two ways to stand out from the crowd. The first way includes dayglow colors and designs more appropriate on the walls of a 3rd grade art class than the body of a passionate cyclist. The second, the Rage Cycling way, is to take classic, clean designs and attractive color schemes and add the Rage Cycling edge -- a subtle, eye-catching touch that's hard to describe in words yet obvious when seen.

Founded in 2009, Rage Cycling has quickly begun to permeate the competitive and renowned Santa Barbara cycling community -- sponsoring our own cycling club in partnership with the premier local bike shop, serving as the cycling apparel provider for multiple area charity rides, designing and manufacturing bike shop kits, and teaming with numerous nearby colleges to kit out their racing teams.  In addition to our work in the community, a true sign of the quality of our product, we have created unique custom designs for clients across the country.


At Rage Cycling we test all of our own product for quality and comfort. The number one goal is creating a Rage Cycling peloton around the nation, keeping fellow cyclists happy and looking good. Hey, if you're going to wear Lycra and tight jerseys, you may as well look good and feel good. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, Rage Cycling has the gear you need to keep riding.

Less Confusion, More Value

While the unending options and choices of some of the larger brands may seem like progress, we all know it creates more confusion than satisfaction. You get a low price or a good product. Or maybe a chamois upgrade is the answer. Of course, now you're paying more than the level up but that one has a third chamois option, that's somewhere in-between the other two, and some strange "SuperBand" technology that you don't really want since it's all style and no substance.

At Rage Cycling we've simplified the process.  You get the best product at the lowest price we can offer -- no upgrades, no gimmicks. If it's not good enough for our club it's not good enough for your club.

Featuring almost exclusively Italian made materials, all Rage Cycling custom kit is manufactured to our high standards so it looks and performs as well for your end of the season race or epic ride as it did your first Winter roll out of the season. Many of our fabrics are the same materials worn by ProTeams at the Tour de France. There are no design fees whether we simply setup your artwork, add the Rage Cycling touch to an idea, or start from scratch to create a unique podium-ready kit.

View our portfolio to see the diversity of our designs and satisfied clients.

Contact us for pricing and complete details specific to your needs.